A Strategy for Beating AIDS

February 5th, 2009 by LouAnn Savage

In the 1980s AIDS emerged as a global issue. One of the reasons that a vaccine presents a remedy that is more than difficult to accomplish is because the AIDS virus has the ability to transform or mutate in such a way that any defense against it is like shooting fish in a bucket…they are always moving.

As in all disease, the immune system is compromised, but with HIV the immune system is attacked. The T-cells that are responsible for detection and elimination of foreign matter become destroyed. The more T-cells that are destroyed, the more the virus is allowed to progress throughout the body leaving it defenseless.

Because this virus is powerful, the body can’t resist the simplest bacteria, molds and fungi. This is why death from a secondary infection is the most common occurrence.

So, how do some people live with HIV but it never becomes AIDS? It is because their immune systems are strong and highly functional and HIV never develops into AIDS. Studies have shown through examination of HIV infected cells that the


same water environment exists as that of individuals with cancer and diabetes. What scientists see is a lack of organized structure at the cellular level…and this is precisely what micro-clustered alkaline water (such as Kangen Water) assists in correcting.

Unfortunately, no clinical research has been conducted using hexagonal or micro-clustered alkaline water for treating AIDS, however, it is reasonable to believe in the positive effects that this water can have as a key player in (stifling the progression of HIV to) AIDS. At the very least, it is practical to assume that if alkaline water can effectively boost the immune system regarding other diseases and it can encourage the body to get back into balance, then Kangen Water™ can lead the march in making a difference when it comes to HIV/AIDS.

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