Long before all the designer protein powders hit the shevles, magazines and juice bars, long before all these amazing supplements appeared guaranteed to pack on lean muscle FAST!, and light years before the current marketing frenzy to perfect bodyness for all, hard-core iron-pumpers relied almost exclusively on TLCC for their lean protein. It's a twist on the expected acronym for 'tender loving care':
Tuna & Lots of Cottage Cheese

They're still viable nutrition, but with a huge proviso. The joint Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency have mandated that certain types of seafood fishes are riskier than others for regular and sometimes even occasional consumption! Severe precautions to children and fertile women raise big red flags are all of us.

It's the larger fishes that are most suspect and the culprit is
MERCURY which has pervaded every ocean and sea and many lakes on the planet. Fun to watch roll around in your hand in Chem 101, but toxic to human when ingested, mercury when consumed in continued abundance can cause poisoning, learning disabilities, motor skill impairment and short-term memory loss.

FISH TO AVOID (high in mercury content)

king mackerel
"solid white" albacore tuna (no more than 6 oz. per week)
tuna steaks

FISH TO CHOOSE (lower in mercury content)


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