"pH" =

Whether a substance is alkaline or acid is determined by its pH (potential Hydrogen).

pH measures the number of hydroxyl (OH-) ions which are negative and healthful alkaline-forming) as opposed to the amount of positive hydrogen (H+) ions which are acid-forming, unhealthful, harmful and disease-causing.

In terms of electro-chemical energy, pH is the measurement of electrical resistance between negative and positive ions in the body.

In other worlds, pH measures how much the negative ions (alkaline-forming) and positive ions (acid-forming) push against one another.

ACID-producing foods and beverages
adversely effect health and longevity, diagnosed as ACIDOSIS.
ALKALINE-producing foods and beverages alleviate or
reverse acidosis, many chronic diseases and the aging process.

August '09 Hotel Zoso, Palm Springs - Kangen Water demonstration

When we ingest large quantities of acid-producing drinks and foods we're setting ourselves up for health disasters. Acid in the body is toxic, except for the only good acid - hydrochloric acid - which powers the stomach to break down food solids.

Most maladies and diseases including cancer are often the direct result of an overly and consistently acidic systemic condition. There seems no other cause for this condition than habitually abusive, illogical 'diets' and perennial pH imbalance (see sidebar). Mucous is another unfortunate, nasty symptom-making by-product of a highly acidic food regimen.

The body is at its healthiest with a slightly alkaline 7.34 pH. Any change by a tenth of a point (really ten times that on the alogarhythmic pH scale) and the body goes into coma or arhythmic arrest or worse.

The chlorine and fluoride additives in nearly all US tap and bottled water sources cause an acidic pH (pH means potential of hydrogen), so does our typical convenience-oriented diet with its chemical fertilizers and myopic processing practices. The very water we use to hydrate ourselves with, to water farm crops and put into water bottles and drinks can contribute to acidosis. Acidosis causes a harmful systemic imbalance of hydrogen and the aforementioned miasma of diseases and disorders - chronic acidosis - the known precursor to acid reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer and arthritis among other very serious ailments.

Food pyramids are not the definitive source (the least reliable of which is from the USFDA), they can't lead everyone by the hand for proper food combining within a day's span, much less a lifespan. How foods are grown, picked, packaged and processed are far more salient in cells getting the full nutrition they need. Organic produce is well worth the expense. Convenience foods, medications, stress and environmental factors are leading key factors to an overly acidic condition and the generally dismal state of overall American health and resultant excessive healthcare costs.


Why are alkalized foods and
drinks better?

Alkalized water has smaller water molecule clusters - the process of alkalization reorganizes them into smaller number groups allowing the water to flow more freely and faster in the body, carrying more nutrients to cells for better absorption and hydration while expelling contaminants more easily. Think of it this way - as opposed to large rocks, sand thrown at a chain link fence (the cell wall) goes through, a lot of it. The same happens with your cell walls and alkalized (restructured) water.

Reduce mucous- and acid-producing foods and drinks

WHEAT gluten forms a clogging glue in the intestine. Rye, rice pumpernickel, soy or millet breads are better grains. Slightly better than fast-milled, yeasted wheat breads and sheerly because for variety, are multi-grain breads, but they are all still acid-producing in the body. Sprouted grains baked with leavening or yeast are still slightly acid-producing. The very best option is sprouted non-wheat grain goods made of carefully slowly crushed sprouts, baked at very low temperature or in the sun; alkaline forming and with NO leavening or yeast, sprouted grain products are much preferred and easier to digest. Flat breads often use baking powder or baking soda, tortillas none at all. Sprouted grain tortillas and pitas are the preferred alternative to our obsession with sandwiches.

REFINED FOODS are very highly acidic and mucous forming. Refined foods are anything pre-packaged, flash-prepared, pre-cooked, frozen meals, quick and instant foods. (An oddity is frozen spinach, because it's nutrients are so fragile, more are 'captured' in the leaves when the spinach is processed immediately - harvested, washed, dried, then frozen.)

When you eat cooked food, always use a digestive enzyme; the amount of enzymes stored in the body is finite (limited), don't use them up needlessly ... eat more clean, organic, raw produce.

OTHER MUCOUS and ACID PRODUCING SUBSTANCES are refined, processed, enriched, chemicalized, preserved sugars, salts and foods, meats (especially charred, open flame, barbecued), dairy cow products, wheat and egg whites. Raw or runny, slightly cooked egg yolks are better than egg whites because they are alkaline-producing, contain balanced lecithin and cholestrol. They are a brain food, but eat only 6 per week and only from organically fed, fertile free-range chickens. Don't overcook - coddle, soft boil or poach.

GMOs and GE foods are not without fault when it comes to fostering acidosis in the body.

Poignant still from the Disney film, "Wall-e"

See the timely animated film, "WALL*e." High entertainment factor
and the messages are keen.

Fixing the problem
Reduce acids and acid-forming substances (food/drink) in the body - both current and residual - by eating more alkaline (base) foods, alkaline-producing food - and primarily by avoiding carbonated drinks altogether, most fruit juices and by hydrating with alkalinized high pH drinking, the best of which is Kangen Water™ by Enagic©. One or all the aforementioned will help balance the body's general pH (measured by saliva samples, tissues samples, urine samples, and blood tests). Reducing the acid, yeast, bacteria and toxin-harboring impurities throughout the entire digestive system and over a significant period of time is absolutely key to premium health and longevity.

REF: Elizabeth Lipski, PhD, CCN, Julia Ross, MA, Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, Dr. Steven H. Small, Mark Myman, MD, Mark Liponis, MD, Robert O. Young, PhD, and other highly respected nutritionists who are making a huge difference in mild to severe disease cases where Western allopathic medicine fails miserably.



Early Symptoms of Acidosis

Acne; agitation; muscular pain; cold hands and feet; dizziness; low energy; joint pains that travel; food allergies; chemical sensitivities to odors/gas heat; hyperactivity; panic attacks; pre-mentrual and menstrual cramping; pre-mentstural anxiety and depression; lack of sex drive; bloating; heartburn; diarrhea; constipation; hot urine; strong smelling urine; mild headaches; rapid panting breath; rapid heartbeat; irregular heartbeat; white coated tongue; hard to get up in morning; excess head mucous (stuffiness); metallic taste in mouth

Intermediate Symptoms of Acidosis

Cold sores; (Herpes I and II); depression; loss of memory; loss of concentration; migraine headaches; insomnia; disturbance in smell, taste, vision, hearing; asthma; bronchitis; hay fever; earaches; hives; swelling; viral infections (cold, flu); bacterial infections (staph, strep); fungal infections (candida, athlete's foot, vaginal); impotence; urethritis; cystitis; urinary infection; gastritis; colitis; excessive falling hair; psoriasis; endometriosis (abnormal uterus tissue developing elsewhere in the female body); stuttering; numbness and tingling; sinusitis

Advanced Symptoms of Acidosis

Crohn's disease; schizophrenia; learning disability; Hodgkin's disease; systemic Lupus Erythematosis; multiple sclerosis; sarciodosis; rheumatoid arthritis; myasthenia gravis; schleroderma; leukemia; tuberculosis; all forms of cancer.

SOURCES / REFERENCES: "Alkalize or Die," Dr. Theodore A. Baroody; "The 80/10/10 Diet," Dr. Douglas N. Graham; "The pH Miracle," Robert O. Young, PhD and Shelley Redford Young

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