- They're all about the concept of returning to a no-frills way of eating.

Very basic and simple ... simple for us now, not for them. That's the problem. We have too many choices, too much variety and very little nutritional wisdom behind the ease and accessibility. Begin honing down your shopping sprees to purer foods. Yes, you'll need to be in the kitchen more, but that's where nutrition and tender loving care happen.

The Muscle Kitchen© is founded on basic fueling principles which countradict the skewed tenets of the grain and dairy laden USDA Food Pyramid and most of the convenience oriented food you find at chain grocery stores.

It's mostly protein with organic vegetables, quality dairy and fruits that grow close by (indigenous). That means NO creme brulle, English truffles or cheese croissants!

Since you're now wisely eschewing all the nasty carbs and icky sticky starches and fillers, you can put that money into better quality, vitalized vegetables. I'm talking ORGANICALLY GROWN. They're the one thing that balances the nutritional scale with all the protein we bodybuilders need and constantly ingest.

So, get up off your cushy tush and to get your local farmers' market to buy some real produce. Some vendors are truly certified organic; some are just'certified in that they are the actual growers or their employees, direct from the farm, no middle-men, self -freight, no storage, but not necessarily organically grown.

Either way all those farmers' market vendors are better than the preservative-laden, superficially pretty produce, shelf-toughened stuff at most chain stores. The hipper, more savvy ones try to add organic produce, due mostly to OUR requests and follow-through with continued purchases. They carry organic because we ask for it, they do so grudgingly because the profit points on organic are minimal compared to all the rest sheerly by volume. So, buy more organic, have your friends and family do the same, eventually the prices will come down. the power of supply and demand.

Yellow onion, turnips, apples

Now, if it's something exotic like, guava or kiwi fruit you've got in mind, then let's give that a moment here. Indigenous foods (local and native) provide subtle nutrients, locally unique micro-pollen, allergens which are climate and region specific. To wit: root vegetables from a local farm just might HELP your allergies, whereas beets from states away could not possibly. Oh, sure, the occasional oddity makes things fun and a little infrequent change is fine just don't make it more than a rare quirk, flip thing.

Always thoroughly wash and rinse ALL produce before slicing into them. Residual bacteria, germs or soil from other shoppers or a careless worker aren't always visible. There are some great natural produce sprays to make it quick and easy.

COOKING IT RIGHT..... don't kill your food before you eat it. So much more on this topic.... get the book.

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