It happens all the time, I'm away from any real food, need some protein, feeling the blood sugar drop, nothing in the bottom of my gym bag. Feeling a bit of dizziness coming on. Uh oh. Not good. This means my body's started to feed on muscle fibre! Quelle horreurs! HIGH time to feed and NOW.

Fast food drive-through is better than starving. I guess. The muscle needs regular fuel so, YES, I partake but only when nothing else is handy. But no fries, no bun, no soda, no shakes, just the lettuce, tomato and meat. ALWAYS say 'hold the mayo and cheese'.

What THEY call mayo and cheese are made from cheap low-grade oil of dubious origin and definitely not nutritious olive oil, more like one step away from crankcase grease. It's whipped up, some food coloring and god only knows what else thrown in there to make it look and taste kinda like the real thing. REAL mayo is

quality oil whipped while a raw egg is drizzled in, a dash of salt. Period. Not really a very smart condiment even in its purest form. Real cheese is made from real milk and it's WHITE not YELLOW. That cost alone kills the fast-food profit margin. So, 'Skip the mayo and cheese!'

And trash the bread, the bun, the pita, the pocket, the wrap. It's only a holder for what's inside and lacks any significant nutritional value coming from a 'squat 'n gobble' ... i.e., mostly white fast-milled flour. Eating white bread products feels like I'm robbing my body, cheating in the worst way, requiring more energy to eat and digest than it provides. It's anti-nutrition. I'm always picking off as much as I can, it's a mess.

Far from ideal, but this is something in the gut, temporarily, drastic measures on the fly. And, the 'value meals' are a ploy to get you to buy the fries and soda. If you have to get the taste of fries once a month, then ask for extra napkins, blot and squeeze out as much grease as you can.


Portable jerky (buffalo, beef, turkey, ostrich, salmon). Careful about the flavorings, there's some awful surgary, nasty chemically enhanced versions. I much prefer and trust the health food racks over gas station fare). See Snacks.

Then there's good ol' washed organic carrots, celery, apples, pears, bananas, raisins, prunes, figs, dates or almonds.


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