CONGRATULATIONS! You're eager to improve yourself. Excellent! TMK© is here to help. But take it slowly. Don't make the big mistake of trying to make big shifts in EVERYTHING all at once. That's exactly why most diet schemes fail and fail miserably. It's just too much, too soon, too radical and impractical for the long haul, not to mention confusing.

Your own learning curves - mental and physical - cost, convenience and effort will happen more readily and permanently if you just take one step at a time.


Choose one or two of the following to start with. Keep adding to them as you get comfortable with them, can afford them, are able to locate them and eventually integrate them into your every day lifestyle, shopping and eating habits.


a) Shift from mainstream milled wheat flour bread to sprouted multi-grain bread (eventually go off gluten and grains altogether). Too radical? Go for rice bread and pastas, no gluten at all

b) Buy a good stainless steel vegetable steamer basket

c) Get up early and go to your local farmers' market for fresh direct-from-the-grower produce.

d) Spend time in your usual grocery store looking for higher quality items. They're usually NOT at eye level. Look on the upper and lower shelves. Mega-distributors pay top dollar for easy-to-reach-and-see shelf positioning. Shop the periphery of the store first for fresher, unprocessed, less packaged, non-frozen foods.

e) Research your supplementation options: on-line, local stores, buyers' clubs. That might mean an hour in a natural food store or vitamin store talking to the staff experts, reading labels, calculator-cost-comparing prices vs. potency, Search on-line and take notes and questions for future reference; your local library staff can be amazingly resourceful if you just ask them for help.

f) Upgrade your one or two kitchenware essentials: heavy cast iron pots and pans with glass covers (Caphalon, etc.), wooden stirrers, maple cutting board, a French chef's knife ....

g) Buy biodegradable cleaners, new sponges and scrubbers. Go sustainable, not disposable (see Kitchen Smarts).

h) Good general and task lighting. You need to SEE what's going on.

i) Defrost and clean your refrigerator.

j) Buy plenty of durable plastic or glass storage containers for the refrigerator and freezer, re-heatable optional.

h) Switch to eco-friendly green-earth paper towels or invest in pure cotton washable dish towels.

i) Trash the oleo margarine. Switch to real butter and organic extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin coconut oil. No other kind of fat or oils will do.

j) This is a just the beginning, keep tooling around the site or, ideally, purchase the printed version of TMK - you'll find a lot of ways to improve your daily cooking and fueling habits, one step at a time.


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