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"Kangen™ Water units are so expensive. Why?" Here a few comparison facts you should know:

- Competitive water filter units use a chemical to approach the high pH of Kangen water; KW uses electrolysis and a more thorough filtration system.

- Kangen Water filters have 3-4 times the number of electrolyte surface area than the competition. Seven large platinum-coated titanium plates (as opposed to the usual small three low grade mesh grids) elevate the antioxidant capabilities much higher than competitors'.

- The pH of competitors' filtered water is very unstable once drawn, returning to neutral or acidic pH after just 12 hours; KW remains stable at the programmed filtered pH level for several days.

- KW electrolyte plates will not corrode.

- It costs $100 to replace the KW filter every 3,000 gallons - about every year, depending on usage and water supply conditions. When any filter is working properly it needs to be cleaned and/or replaced in time - a small maintenance price to pay for the benefits.

You DO get what you pay for.




You are what you eat, drink and don't excrete.

Whatever the body is supplied as fuel and nutrients but cannot metabolize, fully process or readily eliminate (such as poisons, fillers, insoluble fats, fiber, food additives, toxins, etc.) is often stored in the cells as fat. There they languish, putrefy, when needed as fuel after carbohydrates and proteins are used up, then these fatty wastes clog arteries, cause colonic distress, elimination trauma, and more problems. Unless we burn them off or detoxify them through fasting or aggressive antioxidant use, fatty wastes are perfect fodder for free radicals and development of disease. Alkaline water has the important antioxidant properties to rectify just that.

The most essential nutritional element is water. Depending on the source, water should contain the valuable mineralswe need such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. City tap water officials add chlorine, fluorine and chloroforms to mask the impurities, then, to bring up the pH to somewhat neutral, lye(!) is often added. This is a lot of additives just to have basic 'potable' drinking water which is still too acidic and far too impure to maintain optimal health.

Ionizing electrolysis devices/filters can concentrate the essential minerals making both the water molecules and the minerals more bioavailable and more easily absorbed, improving health in a multitude of ways and improving digestion as well.

Why Kangen Water? Dr. Dave Carpenter Testimonial

On top of our highly acidic diet (due to chemical fertilizers and myopic processing practices), the very water we use to hydrate ourselves with, water farm crops with and put into water bottles contributes to more acidosis causing a harmful systemic imbalance of hydrogen and a miasma of diseases and disorders. Acidosis is known to lead to acid reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer and arthritis among other ailments.

The body is healthiest with a slightly alkaline pH (the opposite of acidic). Diet and foods alone can help achieve and maintain an more alkaline state; what we drink has just as much impact.


On specialty water containers you might find the term "Oxidation Reduction Potential" (ORP), which is the measure of the ability of a substance to pull contaminants away from healthy cells, also called anti-oxidation. When anti-oxidation occurs a negative ORP number is in force - killing free radicals is it's primary mission.

A positive ORP number means there is no anti-oxidation possible. Most tap water is +250 to +350 (read: acidic). Only Kangen Water units register ORP readings from -85 to -125 ... that's a huge and vital difference.


"I have administered over 5000 gallons of this water for about every health situation imaginable. I feel that restructured alkaline water can benefit everyone."
-Dr. Theodore Baroody, author of "Alkalize or Die"

"You do not need expensive medicine with all the negative side effects, to regain health. Alkaline water has profound long term effects because it alkalizes your body and provides an effective antioxidant.
-Dr. Infreid Hobert, M.D.

How does this work? Alkalized water has smaller water molecule clusters - the process of alkalization reorganizes them into smaller number groups allowing the water to flow more freely and faster in the body, carrying more nutrients to cells for better absorption and hydration while expelling contaminants more easily.

Kangen™ Water filters are pricey but well worth it the long run (see sidebar). What price can one put on reversing diabetes, dissolving kidney stones naturally, undoing years of cancer-causing, acidosis-causing food additves and prescription medications? It IS possible and you simply draw the water yourself, drink it religiously. The very high alkaline value of Kangen™ Water might stir things up initially (mild headaches, diarrhea, frequent urination), but these symptons are temporary and proof that it is working to elminate the toxins safely from your body. But the REAL proof will be in how you FEEL. Everyone is amazed at what they've been missing and how simple and pure the solution is - just drinking the right kind of water.

Five Revealing Research Articles:

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Enagic/Kangen™ Water is a real FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!

Here's what a few Enagic/Kangen™ Water Drinkers Have Experienced

"I have long-suffered with fibromyalgia, Rheum-atoid Arthritis, and a perpetual loose stool. I have tried many remedies in the past to alleviate my pain and symptoms and found nothing that would restore my physical functioning. My wife Lois and I began drink Kangen™ water 3 months ago. After 2 weeks of drinking the water, I was pain free. it even dissolved the fatty tumors I had on my abdoman and torso. I am still pain-free and getting stronger every day!

Even though I eat healthy and exercise regularly, my bad cholesterol (LDL) climbed to 178! My doctor was ready to put me on a cholesterol-lowering prescription with many side effects. I asked my doctor to give me 3 weeks to try something natural called Kangen™ water; he agreed. After drinking Kangen™ water for 3 weeks, my LDL plummeted to 135. My doctor said he had never seen cholesterol lower so quickly in a woman! No prescriptions for me!

My name is Franklin. When I was 10, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Type I Diabetes (insulin dependent). I've been drinking Kangen™ water for 5 weeks and my blood sugars are more stable (in the 80 to 140 range). My parents listened to a radio talk show featuring Dr. Dave Carpenter with a Type I diabetes patient who was able to get completely off insulin after drinking Kangen™ water for 2 years. His Alpha (eyelet) cells regenerated and produced insulin again when his pH became more alkaline with Kangen™ water. I know this can happen in my body, too. I also have Asperges Syndrome (functioning Autism), which makes it hard to me to stay focused and follow instructions. My teachers and parent can't believe the radical improvement in my focus and attention span since drinking Kangen™ water. I didn't like drinking water before, but I like Kangen™ water. It tastes good!

My name is Eddy. In Aug. 2006 I was diagnosed with Aggressive Melanoma. I had brain surgery to remove the tumor but the tumor grew back. I also had 16 whole brain radiation treatments and chemotherapy. I got a second opinion that I had six months to live. I began drinking Kangen™ water and ate as nutritiously as I could. After 4 weeks of drinking Kangen™ water, another brain CT scan showed no tumors! I'm healed of cancer and growing stronger every day!


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