Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (OEVOO)*
Leftove,r steamed or chicken breast, fish or beef tips
Chopped raw onion, garlic
Fresh or frozen vegetables
Organic tomato and roasted red pepper soup or organic tomato pieces and broth/stock
Cilantro or fresh parsley

Heat up a heavy saucepan, wok or skillet
When fairly hot add OEVOO till it's heated.
Add and saute chopped onions and garlic
Add meat, cook till almost done
Set meat aside and cover.
Add more OEVOO to same pan
When it's heated, put in the veggies
Cook till just a dente (slightly firm, slightly crunchy) NOT overcooked!
Gradually add liquids: the packaged soup or leftover broth
When everything's heated
Put the meat pieces back in
Stir and simmer to 'marry' the flavors

Serve with Bragg Liquid Aminos, fresh ground pepper to taste



6 oz. grilled or steamed chicken breast or steamed fish
1 c. steamed vegetables (season with Bragg Liquid Aminos or
    balsamic vinegar)
green salad with OEVOO, balsamic vinegar and ground pepper



If you're going to have pasta at any meal, lunchtime is it. This will allow time to digest and burn the starchy carbs it before end of the day. The worst time to eat pasta or anything doughy or starchy carbohydrates is in the evenings. That's asking for flab and you won't sleep well with your gut churning away at all those complex carbs.

Splurge on the highest quality pasta sauce you can. Organic of course. Though it's not wise to make a habit of this less-than-ideal combination of starchy carbs (pasta) with protein (ground meat) with vegetables - tomatoes.

Add fresh, frozen or leftover vegetables to the sauce to kick the nutrition value up a notch. Or serve with a side green salad.

(fresh from the 2006 Winter Olympics, Italy)

"Pasta loves to swim" goes the phrase, so put plenty of water in a huge heavy pot, bring to a boil
Add 1/2 tsp. sea salt and/or OEVOO (optional)
(Heat up or finishing cooking the sauce in a large separate pot.)
Lower the pasta into the boiling water

Allow to cook on high, check frequently for the a dente stage of doneness (firm but flexible, with a bit of a bite/crunch to it).

Old World New Yorker Italians remove the mystery with the deft flick of the wrist: throw a piece against the refrigerator door. If it sticks, it's done!

Add the pasta to the sauce pan plus some of the pasta water. Allow all this to cook on medium till it thickens. Serve.

Just the opposite of what we Americans think is authentic: we put the sauce on top of the pasta; Italians put pasta on top of the sauce. The latter offers more flavor since all the flavors are allowed to 'marry': the pasta, the sauce and some of the pasta water.



1) One hour for lunch, maybe less. No time to quibble but you're starved. Go for the turkey or chicken breast, maybe tuna. INSIST on no mayonnaise or catsup. Brown mustard's better than yellow. Always eat the lettuce and tomato, BUT leave a lot of the bread, wrap, pita there. IF you're an ectomorph / hard gainer, then you can go for the dough.

2) Put off, eat around, leave on the plate, trash.... the bread, pita wrap, tortilla, chips or whatever bread crap they're using. Most guys are eating way too much wheat and corn and potatoes; here's a simple way to avoid a lot of empty calories. Sure they fill you up but grab a side salad to do that or dig into your gym bag for those carrot sticks or green pepper slices you stashed there early this morning, right?

Avoid pork like the plague.
That means bacon, Canadian bacon, pork chops, pork loins, ham, sausages and all the ways they grind and combine pork products. Pork is rife with fat, high in carbs, minimal protein and lots of calories. Your local natural food store

has great chicken or turkey even salmon sausages to go with your morning egg whites.

Consider HOW most pigs are kept and raised and what they're fed. That does it for ME.

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