MSM: Methyl-sulfonyl-methane
is a source of SULPHUR, which is
processed OUT of fast foods, packaged food, instant foods and quick foods!
The aging body does not retain sulphur,
so MSM is key!

MSM builds and repairs connective tissue. Repeat.
Do you think bodybuilders need it? You bet we do.

MSM turned my life around ... literally: carpal tunnel syndrome, every joint in pain, dreaded my workouts, limited range of motion, miserable slow recovery every friggin' day. I just thought it was what I had to deal with getting older, my personal curse, my lot in life to be down and depressed forever. Not necessarily true, my friend. Don't ever settle for second best unless you've really explored ALL the options.

Available in bulk sometimes, easy to toss into your smoothie. Capsules work just fine, too. If glucosamine, chondroitin and magnesium are combined in the capsule, all the better for joint pain and arthritic conditions and comfort!

MSM supplies sulphur which is an essential element severely lacking in the over-processed foods we're exposed to everywhere. Males especially don't retain what little sulphur we get as we get 'over the hill' ... age 40. It's amazing, not expensive compared to the benefits.

Insist that your physician gets up to speed about MSM!
If you know you are allergic to sulfa drugs, you should note MSM’s organic sulfur form and to be on the safe side, be advised to avoid MSM.

MSM is probiotic, as is yoghurt. Probiotic substances do just the opposite of antibiotics: they promote healthy bacteria in our digestive system, like Lactobacilus acidophilus and Bifldobacilus bifldus and promote overall good health. Dietary fiber itself also seems to have probiotic properties.



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