This is how a ripe,
banana looks.

ripe banana

NOT green or
solid yellow!




Whey protein (preferred over soy), 40 grams
Real live active culture yoghurt*, 1-2 Tbl.
Milk (cow, goat, nut - walnut, hazelnut, rice, almond), 1/2 c.
Organic sub(low)-acid fruit juice (apple, cherry, berry), 1/2 c.
Organic berries, dates, raisins, figs or a ripe banana (opt.)
Pasteurized egg whites (opt.), 1/3 c.
L-Glutamine powder, 2-3 grams (opt.)
Flax oil (opt.), 1 tsp.
Green powder* (opt.)

NOTE: Using egg whites exclusively for the liquid in your smoothie delays digestion and absorption of the nutrients, delivering the goods to your body over a longer period of time. It's NOT so good if you're headin' out for a jog immediately after or a gut-busting ab workout. It's all in the timing.

You'll no doubt want to vary the elements often, though frankly I just sort of gulp it down and don't belabor the point.

* YOGHURT: plain, real vanilla or low-fat; must have live active acidophilus cultures (probiotics) included. DON'T DOUBLE DIP. Eating yoghurt straight out of the container will leave a trace of saliva transferred from the spoon, it will contaminate the whole container. You'll know for sure you've got the real thing when it begins to color (mold) even after one day of double-dipping.

* GREEN POWDERS: Here's a great chance to add vitality to your fuel regimen: life force in the way of chlorophyll from plants. Check your natural/health food store(s), some chain drug store are starting to get with the program too. Read the labels but you usually can't go wrong.

These green powders often include one or more of the following: alfalfa, barley grass juice, chlorella, blue green algae, spinach powder, green leaf tea, etc. They don't taste bad at all, especially just a tablespoon tossed into your smoothie once a day. You really can't go wrong with supplementing like this. Especially if you shy away from as much dark leafy greens and salads as you know you should be eating.


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