(Capsicum frutescens)

Cayenne is one amazing plant and flavor source. It jazzes up savory dishes, of course, moreover, it's healing powers are incredible. If you don't know about cayenne pepper, you're missing out on one of the earth's major natural medicinal wonders.

DON'T go overboard! If your palette isn't used to it it can be painful to your stomach. There is a curve to getting accustomed to its powerful spicyness. It's the HEAT! But that is the very reason to know it well and use it wisely.

Areas of the body that are sick suffer from poor flow of blood. Cayenne delivers heat to any problem area intuitively, efficiently. It charges through blockages helping deliver the minerals and vitamins in whatever you're eating and drinking.

Start with a tiny amount in your savory entrees. It's availabe in capsules too. Open a few up and remove whatever part of it would be too much for you at this point, reassemble and pop. But it isn't advised on a empty stomach.

• A curious yet wonderful medicine chest item right in your kitchen, cayenne pepper is VERY SOOTHING TO A SOUR STOMACH. Honest!


• A pinch in your winter boots will KEEP YOUR TOES TOASTY!

However, if you're being very active at the same time, you'll know when it's working TOO well. Just shake it out of your socks and shoes or wipe your feet clean and get on with it.




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